Be it a simple design concept, adding features to a current design or a complete design package (schematics, bill of materials, design documentation and PCB layout); SANDS can provide the necessary expertise. SANDS board design services are based on the latest processors and peripherals and support efficient processor inter-communications, memory access operations and power management to deliver a cost-effective design and manufacturing testability.

From initial design to manufacture, SANDS team ensures innovative and cost-effective measures to fulfill planned technical and business requirements. SANDS embedded board design services includes component selection and design guidelines for:

FCC, UL certification, CE Marking
Compliance to RoHS and WEEE
Design for Manufacturability
Power Analysis for product battery life optimization
Signal quality and integrity analysis
Reduced system debug time

SANDS provides board design services which includes the following :
• Schematic design
• Analog design
• Digital design
• Power design
• Layout
• Board bring up, testing and validation